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Call for Volunteers!


Did you know APICS Tampa Bay has consistently, for more than twenty-plus years, been in the top tier of APICS chapters in the country? The chapter continues to succeed year after year through the hard work and dedication of members, just like you, who have served on the board of directors.

Every year, some of your fellow members volunteer their time and enthusiasm to create this chapter we all enjoy. All of our education, workshops, meetings, plant tours, career services come directly from this team of volunteers. Without them, the chapter cannot survive!

If you have any questions we can answer about serving our chapter in any capacity, please contact us. You can also attend our June professional development meeting and talk with any board member directly. Volunteering on your chapter board is fun, it's engaging, it helps our chapter continue to thrive, and it looks good on your resume! Please consider joining us and making this the best year yet!

APICS Tampa Bay